On the Eve of a New Mattress


The New Setup

Maybe it was the massive amount of new mattress companies popping up, the endless TV adverts, or the fact that my lower back hadn’t felt right in the best part of three months, but I knew I needed a new mattress. The one I had was an eBay find – it was coil sprung with a memory foam top and a solid 15cm deep, and at £129 for a king size it seemed like one hell of a deal. Three years and two house moves later, that deal wasn’t working out so well.

The latter of the house moves was to move in with my girlfriend (who is now my fiancee). We had the image of the perfect home in our head, but unfortunately we didn’t quite have the budget to make it a reality. Our first solution was to leave the mattress on the floor for a few months and wait to buy a decent bed. As is the case with most things, we found something else to buy instead and made do with what we had for the best  part of six months until we found a fantastic deal on a little website called Groupon. We picked up a king size divan base and coil sprung mattress for the tidy little sum of £200.

Clearly the lesson of the eBay purchase hadn’t etched itself in to my brain at that point, and a month later we ended up putting the old mattress on the new base and sticking the new mattress in to the shed. It remains there to this day as a reminder not to be so stupid.

Another six months passed, and we decided to take the plunge in to what we thought was the luxury mattress market that was being paraded all over the TV and the internet. You know the ones I’m talking about; Eve, Simba, Otty, Emma, Casper etc.

After some research, it turns out that the luxury mattress market starts at almost three times the price of these newcomers and I guess that’s one of the reasons they’ve seen such a boom.

It seems as though nobody has a bad word to say about the vast majority of any of these mattresses, so trawling through the reviews didn’t help much. I was looking for memory foam so that ruled a couple of the options out, and after finding a great deal through Very I plumped for the Eve (find it here) mattress. The king size option came in at £679 With 12 months interest free credit and 20% cashback on offer, making it £543 (or £45 a month).

It’s marketed as a medium-firm mattress and I’d say it’s much closer to the firm end of that scale, which is a world away from my old mattress – that’s a world that I won’t be returning to anytime soon. The one drawback is the yellow colour; it does show through lighter base sheets but it’s not a bad shade depending on your colour scheme.

Fast forward one month in to the future and I’m sleeping better than I ever have and my back pain is close to non existent. It might have been 4x more expensive than my old mattress but compared to the more traditional options out there it’s a bit of a bargain.

My bank account might be £45 lighter this month, but it’s turned me from a morning grouch in to a morning person and I don’t think you can put a value on that.